Event Lighting Terms You Should Know

This week we will continue discussing terminology commonly used in the event industry. Looking back at last week, we gave some insight into terms often used when discussing event draping. Today we will discuss some common terms used when talking about event lighting.

Uplighting – This is a wireless light that will throw light upward. It is a simple way to highlight the features of a space and add color!

Gobo – Usually made out of metal, it is a stencil or template placed in front of a light to change the shape. Most often, this is what we use to create pattern washes and monograms.

Pattern Wash – This is a way to add texture and depth to the ceilings or walls of your event space by using light.

Monogram – Think of this as your logo! Typically, it is made up of initials and can be projected onto the dance floor or a wall.

Twinkle Lighting – also known as Christmas lights. We use twinkle lights to illuminate a backdrop or ceiling draping or to make a ceiling-covering canopy of light.

String Lighting – These strings of light with large bulbs are called bistro, or cafe, lighting. We often install bistro lighting in tents because it is practical while still being decorative! Our bistro lighting is dimmable and runs off of an easy-to-use dimmer switch.

That just about covers it. If you ever hear us talking, and we use a term you are unsure about, ask! We are always happy to answer your questions and chat about what we do!