Designer… Planner… Coordinator… they are all just different names for the same job, right? WRONG. We often get contacted by clients looking for a planner, and while we are ALWAYS happy to get you in contact with some of our favorite partners, or offer suggestions for DJs and photographers, we are not planners here at ILLUME. We can even put you in touch with some of the BEST planners here in the Pittsburgh area! Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging 😉 So, to help you all figure out what the difference is in these three different roles, and to help you figure out which one you are looking for, I put together a little chart for you – who is ready for a short lesson in event professionals? Let’s not all jump up at once! Let’s break it down…
Designer Planner Cordinator

Why do I need one?

If décor is the most important element of your wedding, and that is the only aspect of your wedding that you are looking for assistance with.
You do not have time to plan your wedding, and you would like to have someone else take over to schedule and plan everything.
You still want to actively plan your wedding but would like someone to take care of the last minute details and ensure that everything goes smoothly the day of.

Involvement in the planning process?

Assists with the design concept, color palettes, and sourcing of décor and necessary equipment.
Gives vendor referrals, will negotiate contracts, and schedules and attend all vendor meetings.
Will meet with the couple about 6-8 weeks before the wedding to review the plan so far and will then oversee the day of.

Number of hours spent on each wedding?

Approx. 40
Between 80 and 250
Approx. 25

On site visits and floor plan?

Will meet with the couple on site to help in visualizing the design concept and discuss layout/floorplans. Can also assist in the development of floor plans.
Will attend all on site visits and assist in the creation of floor plans.
Will assist in the last-minute details surrounding floor plans.

Vendor interactions?

The point of contact between all vendors and the couple. Will ensure that logistics of.
Will provide vendor recommendations, but typically will work closely with decor.
Checks in with vendors prior to wedding date to ensure that all contracts.

See! While all the roles are similar, and many of the duties and responsibilities overlap each job has something they specialize in. If you haven’t already guessed, we here at ILLUME are event designers – we can help you with all the visual aspects of your event!  We have great relationships with so many vendors in the area and we are always happy to put you in touch with someone that can fit your needs – you can check out the partners that we love working with!

Until next time…

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