wedding lighting

From simple to spectacular.

Unique and memorable - those are two elements that every couple strives for when planning their wedding. Our design team will create an exhilarating, awe inspiring atmosphere that can help set the mood for your special day. By creating custom designs that are tailored to your wedding, our passion will shine through with our modern lighting concepts and artistry. Using colors and textures that fit your desired motif, we are able to bring your ideas to life and make your dream wedding a reality. Our team will listen to your vision and offer creative ideas to help complete the design and set the perfect scene for you and your guests.

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Uplighting + Color Washing
Bringing Stylish Charm and Elegance to Your Reception.

Uplighting is one of the most popular trends in wedding lighting today, bringing a stylish touch of charm and elegance to any venue. Uplighting creates a unique ambiance by directing light vertically while utilizing a color palette to match your wedding’s unique colors. Utilizing wireless LED technology gives us the option to place lights anywhere in your room while eliminating the need for unattractive cables, which take away from the overall appearance of your wedding.

Color washing provides a vaster spread of light to cover a large area unlike traditional uplighting. This element can be combined with our uplighting for an enhanced stylish touch of charm and elegance. Common placement includes pillars, behind head tables, draping and more. We often utilize wireless LED technology giving us the option to place lights anywhere in your room without unattractive cables.

Monogram + Pattern Projection
Personalize Your Wedding Reception.

Monograms offer you an affordable way to personalize your wedding. Custom monograms are a very popular addition to weddings allowing you to display your initials or 'logo' on the dance floor or walls. We use only enhanced definition lens tubes, which provide superior sharpness and stunning contrast unlike standard lens tubes that tend to leave monograms looking dull and out of focus.

Patterns, also known as ‘breakups’, are a popular and affordable choice that can help to personalize your wedding. They can provide camouflage for unattractive walls, project stars on the ceiling or any other vision you may have. We use only enhanced definition lens tubes that provide superior sharpness and stunning contrast unlike standard lens tubes that leave patterns looking dull and out of focus.

Pinspot Lighting
Bringing Focus to Your Reception.

Pinspotting is a popular lighting technique that brings focus and highlighting to focal points of your wedding, such as elegantly enhancing your table centerpieces, the wedding cake, sweets table and place card table. We use wireless LED technology allowing us to place pinspots where needed in the room.

Dance Floor Lighting
Illuminate Your Dance Floor.

Create the excitement and energy of a nightclub by taking your dance floor to the next level with automated lighting. Automated lighting can enhance your wedding by adding moving color and patterns around the room and dance floor. Whether you’re looking for mood enhancing changes or a nightclub-like feel, our design team can enhance your wedding with lighting to make your wedding stand out from the rest.

String + Twinkle Lighting
Provide a Special Ambiance to Your Wedding Reception.

String lighting can help to create an elegant atmosphere in any space that is lacking light or décor. These LED light strings, commonly referred to as bistro lighting, can bring an exquisite glow that will help to set the mood and illuminate your indoor, outdoor or tent wedding.

Twinkle lighting can help to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere in any space. These warm white LED lights can bring a radiance that will help to set the mood and illuminate your indoor, outdoor or tent wedding.

Animated Projection
Create A Romantic Night Sky Indoors.

Make your first dance together as a married couple wondrous and memorable by dancing under a ceiling covered in thousands of twinkling stars and swirling clouds. We will create a unique night sky atmosphere for your reception that will leave your guests mesmerized.

"Chris did a great job working with us to create a unique vision for our wedding. He was very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to create our lighting and draping. He enjoyed the challenge to create something new and student, and was reasonable with the pricing. Would definitely recommend again."