Dear Friends,

The industry that I have put blood, sweat, and tears into for nearly two decades has come to a halt. Events are all I know, all that I’ve done professionally. This shutdown for me is not just days or weeks, but months…Think about that…Even when the doors open back up, no one is able to predict when things will return “back to normal” again. I have approximately 30 individuals that rely on me for work. I am doing everything in my power to support both them and my family in any way possible. Small business owners, like florists, bakers, entertainers, planners, designers and the thousands of individuals that support us, are all thinking the same thing. Will I make it financially, mentally even physically? My story is just one of millions…Just in my small little corner of the event world in Pittsburgh.

I want you to know that I support you all and I am thinking of each one of you, whether or not I have personally had the opportunity to cross paths with you. There are thousands of small businesses just like mine in our corner of the world…Some may be open for business currently and others may not. What I am asking of each one of you is to follow my lead. If your neighborhood restaurant, bakery, grocery store is open, PLEASE give them your support. Purchase what they are selling, do your part in keeping them operating. Even if they are not open today or you don’t need anything, buy a gift card or certificate. It puts money in their pocket NOW. To pay their bills and more importantly pay their employees. If you can’t support them financially, follow them on social media or leave them a review. Do ANYTHING you can to spread their name to others.

I have decided to buy my essentials and food from locals, not large corporations as much as possible. It’s how I can help the little people now. I ask that you all do the same. All I ask from the small business I support today is when I bounce back you support me in any way you can. It’s the great small business circle of life. My point is to not ask my peers for financial support but to ask EVERYONE to do your part to help your friends and neighbors survive day by day with their businesses and employees.

Do your part, support your local small businesses, not the giant corporations. Wash your hands, be smart and be safe. I will bounce back… WE WILL BOUNCE BACK.

Much Love and Support,

P.S. If you would like to support our business, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can also leave us a review on GoogleYelp or Facebook.

We appreciate all of you and your support!

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