One Venue. 100 Events.
How Do You Make It Your Own?

You want a one-of-a-kind experience that wows your guests. An event like nothing they’ve ever seen before. And something they’ll never forget. That’s where we come in.

An Event of a Lifetime


We approach every event with a blank slate in mind. We don’t walk into your space with any pre-conceived notions or ideas about what you want or need. Instead we build it with you. We design it around you. And we make the process seamless and top-notch from beginning to end.

The work that they do is beautiful and speaks for itself, but the real win is how wonderful they are to work with.

- Sara



When it comes to transforming your space, our services go far past the standard of what’s available from other design and production companies. Instead we offer immersive audio/visuals and custom drapery and decor. With us, the possibilities are endless.

Get excited knowing that your event will be custom designed to your vision. Our team will put together a mood board so you can get a glimpse of what things will look like. And, ultimately, we'll turn your vision into an incredible reality.


Rest assured knowing we've successfully produced nearly 1000 events, and we're not afraid to do what others won't. The designs you dream of can only be accomplished if we can technically achieve them. And we use our vast knowledge of safety and logistics to develop the most practical plans and make it happen.


Get a true bang for your buck. Rather than fast-dwindling live florals and their excessive costs, we offer beautiful faux floral and greenery at a fraction of the cost. Without sacrificing the quality and beauty your event deserves.

Everything came out stunning and months later I still have people commenting on how beautiful the details were.

- Tara

Transform any standard space into a breathtaking atmosphere with the luxurious look of our custom drapery. We source only the finest quality materials to create our own drapery. And we steam it on-site for a picture-perfect celebration.


Know the possibilities are endless. If we can't find what you want, we'll create it for you. We build our own structures and mockup new concepts to ensure they're provided to you with the highest quality.


Enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your event. Whether you want to transform your space with an exciting pop of color or enhance existing elements, we'll illuminate your space with industry-leading equipment and technology.

A Truly Innovative Event Design and Experience


We have the technical expertise, creative vision, and production essentials to provide you with everything you need. And we’ll do what it takes to provide you with the experience you deserve.

Chris and his team at ILLUME provided a variety of services for my wedding including ceiling drapery, a backdrop for our head tables, drapery for our ceremony structure, illuminated monogram, uplighting, pin spot lighting, etc., all of which made the ballroom absolutely breathtaking. It felt like we were walking into a fairy tale!

- Haley